Getting the most from your organization’s IT investments is much more than choosing the correct technology. The technology must be employed to provide services that align with and enable your business. This means that in addition to the right technology you need the right people, organized and operating effectively and efficiently with a common vision and mission.

Wolfepoint Consulting can help your organization get the most from every IT investment dollar by bringing to bear our 25+ years of experience transitioning, transforming and optimizing IT services groups.

Transition, Transform, Optimize

IT Strategy

A well designed strategy provides clarity and direction for your team and aligns your IT Services group with your business. The right strategy will ensure that your IT dollars are spent on the right activities at the right time. Wolfepoint has developed IT strategies for public and private sector organizations ranging in size from 10’s to 10’s of thousands across a wide spectrum of industries.

Project/Program Management

On-time and on-budget are the hallmarks of a well run project or program and yet IT projects are notorious for running late and over budget. Our roots in IT service delivery has provided Wolfepoint Consulting with a deep understanding of what it really takes to get an IT project implemented. Our approach to project/program management is based upon transparency, collaboration and accountability.

Architectural Review

In 25+ years we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to IT solutions and architectures along with some of the most elegant and innovative. Its the second group that we strive to join on every engagement. Our approach to IT architecture is about sustainability, business enablement and right-sizing. We do not believe in IT for its own sake or in producing unusable and ineffective documentation.

Process Improvement

We consider ourselves process geeks. No matter where we are we can't help but see the opportunities to improve the processes operating around us. Quite often IT service delivery processes are clunky, cluttered, undocumented or even non-existent. Short-term fix after short-term fix are put in place to deal with a particular sore point until the whole thing becomes overly complex an unusable. No matter what size the organization, EVERY IT services group can benefit from effective, efficient and right-sized processes.


Quality business management relies on transparency of purpose, sound financial management, timely and effective communications and efficient and effective reporting. Unfortunately, man IT services groups lag behind their organizational peers in these critical areas. Given the pervasive nature of IT services, and the heavy reliance most organizations have on IT services, we believe that an effective IT Services group should be leaders, rather than reluctant followers, in these key disciplines.